Coaching Programmes

Coaching Designed to Elevate Your Communication and Leadership Skills

Coaching produces outstanding results because of the elements of commitment and accountability that are part of the process. 

Group Coaching, in addition to taking knowledge beyond passive learning and boring Powerpoints, allows for insightful discussions, advice and support from both the coach and from peers, networking opportunities, an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned, and support and encouragement as you apply your new skills and knowledge to real world situations.

Each group member also benefits from two private one-on-one coaching sessions as part of the programme.

Programmes are 3 months long, with meetings every other week.

Individual One-on-One Coaching allows for discussion, advice, and support from the coach with the added benefit of being able to focus specifically on planning and solutions that are real and relevant for the client. Real life solutions to real life challenges under the guidance and support of a trained coach.

Coaching engagements are typically 3 months long, with meetings every other week, but can be adapted based on the needs and goals of the client.

Individual coaching can be based on a programme theme or can be based exclusively on a client’s needs. 

Contact me to learn more about the following Coaching Programmes :

  • Communicate Simply and Powerfully (Current groups are sold out.)
  • Leadership Disciplines, Behaviours, and Habits
  • Engage and Mobilize Employees
  • Managing Up
  • Influencing With Impact
  • Handling Overwhelm, Priorities, and Time

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